FRANCARE is a leader in providing high-tech industrial maintenance and replacement parts that are needed to industries positioned at the crossroads of he global oil and gas industries.

Our product range is comprehensive and vital to virtually everything in the industrial world that moves or requires control. Our parts and suppliers are needed throughout the petrochemical, mining, iron and steel industries.
Our customer’s needs and expectations are diverse and constantly changing. Through our highly efficient supply-chain management, FRANCARE guarantees the optimization of your general process.

FRANCARE offers a full range of innovative technical and equipment design services that help our customers to reduce and eliminate environmental hazards. With our wide range of technologies and the comprehensive skills and knowledge of our team of experts, FRANCARE can tackle all your complex and challenging decontamination projects.

FRANCARE is resolutely engaged in building a safer and prosperous world for future generations. We strive to find solutions for sustainable development – solutions that integrate environmental protection and industrial development. Our efforts have produced outstanding results, particularly in the management of hazardous and solid-waste and the development of renewable energies.

FRANCARE is your unique global healthcare partner. Our strength is our exceptional ability to understand your needs and find the perfect solution for your healthcare projects, no matter where they are in the world. We are equipped to support you at all stages, including concept development, product manufacturing, logistics, training and maintenance.

There is no compromising when it comes to health. That is why FRANCARE has gathered highly skilled teams of professionals covering all fields of life sciences.
Our biomedical engineers, technicians and carefully selected manufacturing partners deliver reliable healthcare equipment to disaster victims even in the most challenging and dangerous environments.