The company


Diversity is a cornerstone of FRANCARE. Our customers, suppliers and strategic partners are increasingly global and multicultural. FRANCARE has the proven ability to quickly and effectively understand and adapt to diverse business environments. During the last two decades, we have expanded from being a specialist in the Middle Eastern markets to become a leader throughout Africa and in more than forties other countries worldwide.

Throughout FRANCARE’s history, we have consistently succeeded in solving difficult problems for our customers, even in situations where the competition has failed and considered it impossible. We focus on delivering new technologies which keep our services always on the cutting edge.

FRANCARE’s competitive advantages are simple: innovation, creativity, adaptability and flexibility. We bring to our customers a genuinely global perspective and a diverse and talented team uniquely equipped to tackle today’s global challenges.


When FRANCARE was founded in 1988, one of its major aims was to utilize the skills, creativity and the passion of people who work in high-tech industries to create an organization committed to social responsibility.

FRANCARE is devoted to truly listening to the requirements of its customers and adapting its services to meet each customer's specific needs. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team is dedicated to continuously improving our services and obtaining 100% customer satisfaction.

At the heart of FRANCARE lie the values of trust, respect, professional ethics, and uncompromising corporate integrity.

The group has always been committed to corporate social responsibility. Each year, we allocate a portion of our profits to the protection and development of vulnerable children around the world. In addition, our employees regularly devote their skills and knowledge to support humanitarian programs dedicated to social development in the countries we work.